VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Review: Smart Pistol Safe.

VAULTEK VT20i review


The vaultek safe is the most fitting safe for you to safeguard your nightstand. It is very slim and has the capability to be slid under a car seat or through the security checkpoints.

It meets the TSA guidelines of firearms and is a perfect holder for the range raiding pistol hauler. ThisVaultek Safe Review is to show how is the product. You can give it a chance if you want


  1. Upgraded antitheft protection feature has the anti-pry bars, anti-impact latches, mounted interior hinges, and a new selection of security brackets for the interior which would give the best of prevention against break-ins.
  2. The tough and rugged heavy-duty carbon steel of 16 gauges Is constructed with a powder coat finish that would be durable and long lasting this would help in preventing your belongings from corrosion and the durability of your valuable products.
  3. It allows quick access to all your valuables including the important documents and firearms from the door that opens automatically. Uses the rapid-fire backlit keyboard or the biometric fingerprint scanner for access.
  4. Smarter and safer technology give users an interactive experience that could be handled by your smartphone. The on/off buttons can easily be toggled off with the use of the available hotkeys when desired and all other safety functions will still be maintained.
  5. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has the ability to provide the power for up to 4 months and finishes charging after two and a half hours with the help of the included charging kit.
  6. LED responsive lights are allowed in the low light conditions so that you can easily locate your safe with the contents inside. This LED can be adjusted.
  7. It also a compatible app for smartphones to control its lock, resetting, lights brightness changing feature and so on.



  • Easily and portability make it easier for you to carry it almost all the time.
  • Integrated smart technology is used to provide a safer and more protective experience. Makes a great gift for both
    the genders to store almost anything valuable to them.
  • The power levels and other safety-related details can be continuously assessed through the updated information on your phonethrough smart technology.
  • Adjustable interior LED light for high visibility.
  • Storing up to 20 different fingerprints.
  • Backlit keypad.


  • The door opening on the top limits the options for access as that would mean that the safe canonly be mounted or placed on a horizontal surface and cannot be mounted to a wall or in thevertical position.
  • Not very much space inside.

Vaultek VT20i Review

Why should buy or not / benefits

There are plenty of cool reasons that you should get this product. This is one of the best portable gun safes. It is a safety device that allows you to keep your valuables safe and guarded and you can carry it all day in your backpack or handbag bag. Nobody will be able to get whats inside without permission. And another cool thing, you can manage it like anything through your phone by checking the battery life and everything related to it. If you want a quick overview,check out this video from


In summing up this vaultek safe review, it may be having a bit of downfall but the positivity outweighs them. It is a safer, reliable and portable way of carrying your valuable things and safeguarding it always and on the go.

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