Stack-On Gun Cabinet Review: GCB-8RTA Steel 8-Gun Ready to Assemble Security Cabinet.

Stack-On Gun Cabinet Review


The stack-on gun cabinet has the capacity to hold 8 rifles or shotguns that are up to 21 inches. Assembling of the units are easy due to the integrated and form fitting parts that have been fastened together. The fasteners are tamper proof from the external case of the cabinet. Read about the amazing features ofStack-On Gun Cabinet Review and make a decision


The features of this cabinet include:

  1. The 3-point locking system that comes with double
  2. bitted and key coded lock ensures more safety and security
  3. inclusive of a removable steel shelf
  4. inclusive of patented barrel rests
  5. the firearms safety device that has been approved by California
  6. has the capacity of 8 shotguns
  7. weight: 55lbs
  8. peril type: security
  9. color: black

If you want a huge space for keeping more than 8 long guns, then you can check out steel waterextreme duty safe. This can keep more than 25 guns with also having more space for other things to keep. Or if it is an overkill for you, you can just go with this safe which does its work for a great value.



  • The stack-on security plus gun cabinets are made of welded and steel box. The full length staked and welded piano hinge give superior security and protection.
  • A flush mount button issued to fasten it easier on the floor. The foam padded bottom and barrel rests reduce the amounts of scratches made.
  • The unit is very easy to assemble with the integrated and form fitting parts that are fasted and held together. The fasteners are very tamper proof from the exterior of the cabinet.
  • They help to keep firearms away from children and provides security from theft of valuable items.


  • The safe may not be totally fireproof but can take a very high temperature.
  • There have been complaints that the mounting holes do not align well with the wall studs. That has forced them into drilling new holes for the mounting.
  • The shelves are heavy enough and occupy a lot of the space in the cabinet.
Stack-On Gun Cabinet Review

why should you buy this or not / Benefits

If you have kids running around your house, taking all your guns and all, then this could be the perfect way of keeping them safe along with your guns. It provides great security that could not be breached by any thief or burglar that robs into your house hence you can be safe and sure about your valuable personal belongings.


To sum up the Stack-On Gun Cabinet Review, it could be said that this is by far the best solution that has been proposed to the owners and keepers of shotguns and rifles. It comes with a big interior, shelves that could be removed, and a steel door that could keep all the unwanted handoff from your loved personal belongings. Also, check outStack-on PDS-1500which is for small handguns. These are from both same company product called StackOn

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