How to Open a Safe If You Forgot the Combination

Description: A home safe is a great investment when you wish to store items in a more secure area. These items can be your important official documents like your birth certificate and your passport, valuables like Rolexes and other pieces of jewelry, or even just plain cash. Sometimes people also use these safes to store their guns so that their kids (and intruders) won’t be able to get their hands on them. But what if you yourself forget the combination or password of your safe? let’s find out how to open a safe if you can’t recall the combination.

Typically you will have a locking mechanism that can be opened with the right combination. More traditional models use a combination dial, which you need to turn left and right properly to get it open. Others use a keypad, and you can just enter the right PIN number.

But what if you forget the combination? This is actually a very common problem for those who follow experts? advice about not using birthdays and phone numbers for their combination number. A new number may be harder for a thief to guess, but it’s also harder for you to remember.

So now you have a problem if you forget the combination or PIN number. After all, the safe is designed to keep out the people who don’t know that combination number. This time, these people include you.

However, there are some things you can do to open the safe and still obtain your items inside. Don’t forget that the home safe is designed to delay a thief from opening a safe. This means that given enough time, a thief can open your home safe and that means you can have it opened as well.

Use the Override Key

The problem of forgetting the combination is precisely the reason why so many newer models of home safes have dual locking mechanisms. The other one simply uses a key to override the lock and open it. On the stack on pds 1500 review we can see that this type of digital locking safes comes with spare keys to use in case of emergency.

So hopefully you had the good sense to buy such a home safe in the first place. If you forget the combination, just get the key in your hiding place and open the safe.

Call the Manufacturer

What if you bought a Home Safe without an override key? There’s still no cause to panic, as you have other options. Your next step should be contacting the home safe manufacturer.

Home safe manufacturers tend to deal with this problem all the time, so they have the knowledge and experience to solve this problem for you. The only issue is determining that you are indeed the rightful owner of the home safe.

So hopefully you kept the manual and the receipt of your home safe (and that you didn’t do anything as silly as keeping these things inside the home safe). Call the manufacturer and tell them the make and model of your home safe as well as your serial number. They will then tell you what to do.

Some safes may have ways of resetting the combination. This is a bit scary, as this means that a thief can do the same thing to your safe. You may also be told to bring this into their repair shop, or you’ll be told to contact a qualified locksmith who is affiliated with the manufacturer.

Call In an Experienced Locksmith

When all else fails, you need to call in a pro. A locksmith can open a safe given enough time, but it does depend a lot on the locksmith you contact. Your best bet is to get one who has an extensive history with the brand of home safe you have. This gives you the best chance of getting the safe opened as quickly as possible. Having an experienced locksmith also reduces the risk of damaging your safe contents or your safe itself. He also knows how to break into a combination safe. You can also Get some tips from

If you’re using a combination dial, then it?s possible that a qualified locksmith can manipulate the lock to open it without damaging the locking mechanism. This will require a bit of skill, but at least at the end of it you can have your gun safe or home safe opened, and then you can still make use of the safe afterward.How to Open a Safe If You Forgot the Combination 2 However, if manipulating the lock isn’t possible then the other recourse is to resort to forced entry. This may require the use of tools that can pry the safe apart, and this usually damages a component of the home safe. So while you can obtain your safe contents, you won’t be able to use your home safe again.

One of the more common ways of forcing a safe open is for the locksmith to use a drill. A welding machine or some similar equipment isn’t as effective, as it may damage the contents of the safe.

The drill can go through the lock and render it ineffective so that the home safe can be opened. Another method is to use the drill to make a hole that can let in a fiber optic cable. This cable lets the locksmith see how the lock works when they turn the dial, so the locksmith can align the wheels properly to open the safe.


When you’re finally able to open the safe, you may have to buy a new one to replace your ruined safe. This time, learn your lesson and get one with an override option. Forgetting your combination is a very common occurrence, so it simply makes sense to have another option on hand to solve this very likely problem.

But you can also try to make sure that you don’t forget the combination ever again. Perhaps you can use a birthday number or a phone number, but you can add 3 to each number so it?s not as easy to guess. You can also use another person’s birthday or phone number.

You may even use alternate numbers on your ATM debit card. Another method is to write the number down on a piece of paper and then hide this note in a secret place. Just make sure this hiding place is far from the safe there’s no need to make it easier for a thief to open your safe!

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