How to Move a Gun Safe? Some Tips and Suggestions:

How To Move A Gun Safe

Description Ė Need to move a large gun safe? We offer tips and suggestions about How to move a gun safe in this article. Moving a pistol safe is as easy as carrying it and taking it to where you want to go, like the FTK-PN.† But what if youíve got a 500-pound gun safe with a dozen rifles and ammo boxes inside like†SsteelWater†gun safes? Well, thatís another story as you need to be careful and plan it carefully. Here are some suggestions on how to move a large gun vault or safe.

Plan Ahead

If youíre going to order a large gun safe, movers will be provided to help you move the unit and place it in the location you specify. Itís important that you pick the location carefully so you donít have to relocate it again. Your chosen spot must be accessible without it getting in the way.

Get a Furniture Dolly

If youíre going to move the gun safe around, itís best to get a furniture dolly. It is not that expensive and is the most practical way to move large pieces of furniture. Lifting a gun safe weighing several hundred pounds is dangerous while pulling a gun safe across the floor will damage your flooring. For these reasons, itís better to invest in a furniture dolly.

Hire Movers

Donít just get anyone, as they may not have the skills or know the techniques to lifting and moving a large gun safe. It is best to go with movers, people who have experience moving these things around.

Plan before Moving

  • Do not just move the gun safe. The first thing you should do is prepare a plan. Get the specific figures of the gun safe and how much space you will need to move it from its current location to the new one.
  • If you are moving it to another location in your home, clear the area where you will be moving the gun safe to ensure nothing gets hit or broken. Be careful when moving and make sure everyone is coordinated.
  • Avoid tight corners, narrow corridors, and stairs. Someone should be ahead of the movers to direct the movement.† You should also protect the floors with newspaper, film protectors or other materials. But make sure youíre careful so you donít slip on them.

Final Words

Now you know how to move a heavy or large gun safe. It’s not easy, hence the reason why you should plan before ordering one. But in the event that you do need to move the unit around, it is best to be prepared to avoid problems and complications. To know more about moving a huge gun safe or if you have some questions, feel free to Contact us.†Or send an email here:†

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