Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe Review:

Hornady Rapid Safe Review

Description: The Hornady Rapid Safe is very popular, but is it any good? This review uncovers the truth about this product.

This Hornady Rapid Safe review is going to go over all the facts so you’ll know what to expect if you buy this. A lot of people say this product is useful and delivers the kind of security and accessibility you’re looking for. But are the people saying true? And just because a lot of people find the Rapid Safe effective does not necessarily mean it will be for you. Or does it? That is what we will find out in this review.

Review Summary

The bottom line is the Hornady 98150 does not disappoint.  The touch-free entry makes access convenient yet it is also one of the most secure of its kind. The design is resistant to prying and tampering so you can put your gun there and be confident your child won’t b able to access it. Overall the construction is superb and fully functional.

Key Features

  • Hands-free entry
  • Durable, anti-tampering design
  • A dual lug locking mechanism, 1/4 inch steel
  • Made from 16 gauge steel
  • Plenty of space to hold most types of pistols
  • Multiple access points

Detailed Review

The Hornady 98150 package includes the RFID card, the key fob, and 3 bracelets, small medium and large. A 2 feet long cable is included so you can set the safe the way you want. The keypad is intuitively designed and is reversible so you’ll be able to get it just where you want.

The key to getting the most out of the 98150 is to follow the instructions. Not following the guidelines could lead to difficulty using them. Setting the safe including battery or AC adapter installation should take no more than twenty minutes.

The buttons at the top are used to program a wristband or a key. Whichever you choose the safe will be easy to access yet is secure. Once you’ve programmed the wristband, the safe responds promptly. All you need to do is brush the band on the safe and it opens.

As your wrist goes past the unit, the lid comes up and you’ll get access to your gun. There is also an option to use a keypad, an ideal option if you want to be quiet while opening the safe.

A red LED comes on when the lid is lifted, handy when it’s dark. The versatile nature of the Hornady is what gives it the edge over other gun safes. Furthermore, the touch-free entry allows for fast opening and closing so if there is an emergency, you don’t have to worry about trying to recall a complex code.

Another thing this review can point out is that its design is one of the most resistant in its range. If you’re worried about the compact nature of the safe makes it vulnerable to prying, there is no need to be as the safe is built to withstand repeated attempts to break into it.

The 16 gauge steel housing works well in keeping the safe durable. As pointed out in the features section, there are many ways to access your gun, so in case there is a break in or burglary attempt you don’t have to worry about your gun being inaccessible. Before doing the review of the Hornady 98150 actually, we were talking about how it looks and I can tell you surely this safe looks damn cool. So you can think about this. And I hope you won’t regret.



  • Heavy duty construction
  • Provides quick access to your handgun
  • Several ways to open the safe
  • Compact built
  • Easy to lock cable


  • Instructions have to be read completely before use
  • A bit on the loud side

What You Can Expect from This Product

There are a lot of things that you can expect, but the most important is that it is spacious and holds most pistols. A Glock 35 with a five-inch barrel fits nicely and so does a Commander type 1911. It is not big enough for a 50 ammo box, and it maxes out at 25 ammo.

You can put a mag or two in the gun safe. No matter what you put there, the foam will fit in nicely and keep the gun from getting damaged. The high-quality design is matched by its flexibility: you can run the safe with a battery or an AC adapter, it’s your choice.

You can bolt the safe down for extra security. Once the box is set you’ll be able to access the “Cimarron Bad Boy” with ease. If there is an emergency and you need to access the firearm right away, just open the safe and you’ll have your gun. And if you are wondering what did I mean by that bad boy, it’s a classic gun. Check Cimarron Firearms

Final Words

Hornady has earned a good reputation for manufacturing sound gun safes and this is a good example of that. The 98150 is solidly built and the pry resistant design makes it ideal for home use. A lot of portable gun safes get criticized for not being durable, but the 98150 is an exception to the rule.

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