Description: Should you buy the Bulldog Car Safe? Let’s evaluate the facts of this car safe.

Bulldog has established a solid reputation for making quality gun safes, but is this model among the good ones? It looks durable enough but can the unit do well in real life situations?  That is what this Bulldog Car Safe review will attempt to find out.

Review Summary

The Bulldog case car safe is a no-nonsense product that does what you expect it to do. Once your gun is inside it’s going to stay there until you take it out. The construction is heavy duty and mounting is easy thanks to the included hardware.


  • The Bulldog car safe has interior dimensions of 7 x 5.2 x 2 inches. The exterior dimensions are 82. x 5.9 x 2.2 inches.
  • A key style lock included
  • The interior is scratch resistant yet soft enough it won’t damage your pistol
  • Mounting hardware and mounting bracket included
  • The safe can be opened with a key and lock
  • If you lock the safe it cannot be taken off the mounting bracket
  • The mounting bracket can set anywhere via the bundled hardware
  • 3-foot security cable included for securing without a bracket

Detailed Review

The Bulldog is built with convenience and it’s evident from the design. The interior dimensions are big enough for an S&W Model 469, S&W MP, a Glock 2 and other pistols of similar sizes. Depending on the pistol size you may be able to store up to 3 mags in the safe, one being on the gun.

The hardware and screws are adequate and you should be able to install it under the driver’s seat or anywhere you like. The safe design makes it more accessible than other safes, and the housing is durable enough to withstand prying.

You can open the safe without having to get up from your vehicle seat. The simplified design makes it a good choice if you want an easy to use but secure gun safe. You can quickly mount it on your vehicle’s console and it stays in place. The safe remains steady and won’t slip or slide.

The Bulldog is durable but lightweight so it’s easy to use. The portable nature of the case simplifies the carry process and it locks in the mounting bracket without difficulty. The bundled screws are nothing special but they get the job done.



  • Easy to carry
  • Cable locks in quickly
  • Can be bolted on other vehicles
  • Nice heavy metal built
  • Very secure design


  • The bundled mounting screws are very basic
  • Interior padding is a little light

Bulldog car safe review

What Can You Expect from This Product?

This safe is one of those products that live up to the hype. As we evaluated the Bulldog car safe, it holds most types of handguns and you have quick access to it. You’ll have no trouble securing the safe to a car, jeep or other vehicles. You can use the cord or the bolt it’s up to you, but either one will keep your gun secure.

The Bulldog is going to keep your gun safe and secure. It doesn’t really he a foam, more like a thin felt padding. The interior is spacious enough to hold most types of pistols and also one magazine.

You can also set up the safe on a jeep as it is easy to install. The installation process is simple enough and even a first-time buyer will have no problems using this. Another thing you can expect from the safe is durability, as it is stronger than those of other gun safes.

The Bulldog may be light, but don’t mistake that for weakness as this is a powerful and durable gun safe. The extra large interior means you can put a Glock 19 with an extended mag in it.

The bottom line is the heavy-duty construction lasts for a long time, and the black matte powder lasts a lot longer than others.

Final Words

The Bulldog cases are not very stylish, but as far as keeping your gun safe is concerned it does not disappoint. Everything, from the cable, the mounting bracket to the construction does what it should, give you easy access to your gun.

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