5 Best Handgun Safes You’ll Definitely Want to buy in 2021

Best Handgun safe Reviews

Introduction: If you are the kind of person who does not have huge guns and also does not want to spend thousands on a safe, then you might be in the right place. Over here, I am going to review some of the best handgun safes which are super lightweight and available within a meager price.

Before diving into the review let’s get something cleared first. In this article, I am going to cover small and compact safes only. These safes are not supposed to weight too much, and all of them are almost identical to each other. So, don’t get confused. Here is the quick list of products I am going to cover in this article:

Comparison table for the best handgun safes

Name Best for Lock Type Dimensions weight Price on Amazon
Hornady rapid safe 2600kp & 2700kp Handgun and documents Electronic 10.7 x 8.7 x 2.9 & 12.7 x 8.7 x 2.9 inches 8.9 pounds Check Price on Amazon
Amazon basics portable security case Jewelry Key / Combination 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.8 inches 3 pounds Check Price on Amazon
Gun Vault NV300 Handgun Combination 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.8 inches 3.1 pounds Check Price on Amazon
Champs Portable Travel Gun Safe Handgun Key / Combination 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.75 inches 3.5Lbs Check Price on Amazon
Fort Knox PB1 Handgun and jewelry Electronic

4-1/4×12-1/2×10-3/8 inches 

22 pounds Check Price on Amazon

#1. Hornady Rapid Gun Safe 2600KP(L) and 2700KP(XL) – [Our Best Pick]

Okay, this safe is kind of different from the other safes in this handgun safe list. It’s more of an electronic safe rather than just a combination lock safe for example. This safe also works like a rapid vehicle safe. That product got some fantastic features, usability, and great specs.

Yeah, this thing got some less space inside because of the techs to fit in in this small construction, and it’s also a little bit pricy. I think the offerings from this “electronic” handgun safe will be worth buying.

Hornady 2600kp


  • Smart RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) unlocking technology
  • Comes with RFID activated wristband, stickers and key fob to instantly open the gun safe hands-free.
  • There is also a 4-digit Keypad (That’s what KP stands for) around the scanner which you can use to have access to the safe.
  • Anti-pry, Child-resistant and Tamper-proofing all certified in this rapid safe.
  • You can power this safe with an AC power adapter or four AA batteries.
  • This 14-gauge steel construction with multiple lug nuts makes this safe nearly impossible to unlock for a thief. Well, it is 100% guaranteed, but a thief will have a hard time with this safe.
  • The security cable is also very high quality
  • Setting up all the unlocking accessories is super easy, and one activated item can be used to unlock multiple Hornady safes with RFID support. All you need to do is the program to work.
  • And of course the foam padding.

A lot of features right? Yes, this safe does all those things and does it pretty well. I know most of the people won’t use all the features, but you know having more is way better than having less for not a massive amount of money. Let’s see why you should buy this safe why not by a short pro-con list.

  • Tough and reliable safe
  • Radio Frequency Identification is genuinely remarkable and saves your time
  • Two-way power supported
  • Keypad for additional security
  • Large and extra-large sizes available
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • TSA certified
  • Two circular barrel keys, wristband, stickers, and the key fob all are included
  • Easy configuration
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Batteries not included
  • Battery power mode is not always on. You have to tap it once to wake the scanner

Final Words

The safe delivers excellent quality and smart features. It is undoubtedly the best small gun safe. If you can spend a few more than a regular “non-electric” safe, this safe by Hornady might be an excellent choice for you.

#2. Amazon Basics Portable Security Case – Key Lock-SW-SK01 (Large)

It is an Amazon brand item. It is a super portable safe which is small as well as durable along with some nice features. To keep a single firearm with one or two magazines, it is perfect-size safe. You can also store cash, jewelry, and any small valuable items in this safe without worrying about your children tampering with it.

You can use this safe as a home safe and keep it in a closet, or you can also take it somewhere safe if you need to. The steel-built quality is on point, and it has a critical robust locking system. It is not very secure, but considering the purpose of using the safe, it’s something to think twice. Let’s see at a glance what this safe can deliver.

Amazon basics SW-SK01


  • The Amazon Basics SW-SK01 is built with pry-resistant steel and has a compact design.
  • It has a built-in zinc alloy to increase security, combo lock the cable is of 1700 pounds-tested steel which is a beautiful thing.
  • This safe features top and bottom padding of foam to make sure your valuables take no damage and stay intact.
  • The safe weighs only 3 pounds.
  • It can be easily fit into luggage for being very small and lightweight.
  • It can be used at home, office or in a car, anywhere you prefer. That means this small handgun safe can be useful for various purposes.

The quality of the safe is of course mind-blowing.  I mean, you get a ton of features in such a compact package. This safe is also so much cheap that it can surely beat any other safes in this price point.

Honestly speaking, price combined with the aspect of this safe made it the Number 2 spot in this list. Before making any final choice, you know what to do right? Look for the “pros-cons” section down below.

  • Easily transferrable for traveling
  • It is small enough to keep hidden
  • California DOJ certified
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirement support
  • Anti-pry steel shell
  • Has both a key lock and a combination lock model
  • Sometimes it has a glitch or not unlocking after a password reset

Final Words

Do you need a cheap and high-quality safe which should be easily transportable? This safe is precise according to your needs. Go for it. The safe provides excellent value. This safe is definitely worth the money.

#3. Gun Vault NV300 Fits full size 1911 style pistols, Black

It is an interesting one.  You know 1911 pistols are longer than most other handguns and this safe is called “1911 style”. And that’s because it fits a 1911 gun with a mag too. That means the safe is a bit larger compared to the other handgun safes and also weights a bit heavier.

The look and feel of the safe are great. The texture on the outside feels nice and polished. The black-colored design and combination locking system makes this gun safe to stand out. Take a quick look at the key features of Gun Vault NV300

Gun Vault NV300


  • Solid 18-gauge steel in a small safe
  • There are three number dials for the combination lock, and it’s effortless to configure and operate.
  • On the inside of the safe, it has a 1/2″ thick top and bottom foam padding to keep your gun or other material protected from any damage.
  • It blocks unauthorized access to the safe after some base attempts.
  • The top and bottom halves nicely fit together without any gap.
  • The security cable is tough enough, and it is tested and rated for 1500 Lb. Which is amazing.

The safe is genuinely lovely and sturdy. It is a very affordable safe. Well, the safe may lack some of the high-tech features like fingerprint and lighting and stuff. But be sure, those safes will take double your money but may not provide double the value. The safe is attractive, and we spent a decent amount of time with the safe to review this.

So far so good but still you’re not sure to buy this safe right? Without further ado, let’s check both the positive and negative sides of this safe:

  • Slim design and easily movable
  • It meets the guidelines of TSA
  • Comes with the security cable
  • Comes with an extra backup key
  • The foam paddings help a lot
  • Different variation (electric) available
  • Bit heavier compared to the other safes
  • The knob is out of plastic material

Final Words

Yes, this safe is not perfect. Nothing is perfect in this world. Anyways, this Gun Vault NV300 may not be the best handgun safe for everyone, but it is undoubtedly one of the nicest ones.

#4. Champs Portable Travel Gun Safe, Pistol Lock Box, Handgun Case – Black

This safe is almost identical to the previous one. Again, all these safes are for handguns for most of the people that’s why all of them are similar without some functionality, dimension, weight and steel thickness.

The Champs Safe is mostly recommended for travel use for its portability. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it at home. No, you absolutely can. Despite putting guns in it, you can also put cash, credit cards, passports or your secret girlfriend’s photograph. Hey, it’s a multi-purpose safe okay? Use the way you want to use and this safe will provide you with top-notch security for sure.

This safe is a combination locking safe with three digits and knob to lock and unlock. On the outside, the safe looks very well designed and sturdy. So let’s jump into the features section.

Champs Pistol lock box

Key Features

  • Easy to operate three-digit combination wheels to set 720 unique codes
  • 16-gauge high carbonated steel combined with powder coating. The powder coating is surprisingly fantastic
  • To make it pry-proof, it has about 1.8-inch lip around
  • A handgun with one or two spare magazines fits easily
  • The security cable is 1500 Lb. Tested and it’s great for travel. It is also helpful to quickly secure it in a car
  • It is amazingly sleek and hefty
  • If you are wondering, thieves, can take the whole safe away and for that, you get predrilled screw holes to mount anywhere you want
  • Inside the safe, there is nice foam padding on the top and the bottom

The Champs Portable Travel Gun Safe is good at most of the things of a handgun safe. Before recommending it to buy right away, I am going to take you to the pro-con section, and after that, you’ll be able to judge this safe. Let’s find out if the safe is worth your money or not.

  • Durability, Pry-resistance, protection from scratches all are active
  • Easy to hide and to keep inside a car is also very easy
  • Setting up and the customization of the combination lock is pretty handy
  • Comes a 1500lb tested security cable
  • Foam padding in the top and bottom keeps things intact inside
  • The corners are weak spot because there is no pry- protection in the four corner areas
  • It is slippery for one-handed use unless it is mounted somewhere

Champs Portable Travel Gun Safe is a real travel handgun safe. It is such a great deal in a small form factor. The safe has minor problems which will occur to someone rarely.

Final Words

You also can’t deny that it provides high quality in the gun safe sector with other safe and does a pretty good job with any other safes in this price point. So take your decision now whether you want to buy this safe or wait for more product reviews. Well, you can always check the price before you go to the next one

#5. Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe with 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock

When it comes to buying a small pistol safe, the first thing that happens in mind is that it should not only deliver great security but also should be cheap. Well, I am not saying that this Fort Knox model is that cheap, but what this safe can provide will amaze you. So let’s check the features.

Fort Knox PB1


  • This safe is a uni-body manufactured safe with 10-gauge steel and has an inviolable spiral door.
  • It comes with a gas-strut to assist lifting and holding the heavy door.
  • The push-button is very smooth, and very quickly it opens the safe. It also has the mechanical locking keys to use 1081 different combinations.
  • In the bottom of the safe, there are pre-drilled holes to bolt down to the ground, a drawer or in any flat surface
  • On the outside, the safe seems sturdy and high quality. Thanks to the antique silver coat finishing on the surface to create that kind of look to the safe.
  • And last but not least, it has a very satisfying unlocking experience because of the cranky sound it makes while pressing the buttons and twisting the pushbutton to open the safe. (Well it’s not a feature, but I like it a lot)

The elements seem pretty nice, and it has the heavy steel built with mechanical locking tech. It weighs a little bit heavy though. The safe feels strong enough to keep your valuables untouched inside it.

Now combining everything together, there is no doubt that it is a quality product. But, does that make it the best handgun safe?  Before making any final decision let’s see the pros-cons of the safe.

  • Very compact yet a very strong safe
  • The tamper-proof inviolable door makes it much more secure and hard to access
  • Pre-drilled Holes are handy
  • No need to worry about batteries
  • Lifetime warranty
  • CADOJ approved
  • Unlike safes with fingerprint sensors, this Fort Knox PB1 is slower to unlock
  • Lack of space inside

There are a lot of things to talk about this safe, and that includes heavy-duty steel, mechanical locking, beautiful design and a lot more. The bottom line is the safe has fantastic features. We reviewed this safe physically and can assure you that you won’t regret buying this gun safe.

Final Words

Though it has some drawbacks, those aren’t deal-breakers for most people. So there you have it, the most beautiful handgun safe or a pistol safe in the market right now. You know we also reviewed Fort Knox FTK-PN which is also a nice one.

Buyer Guide

Things you need to know before buying a handgun safe

While buying a handgun safe or a pistol safe you will always want to buy the best one for you. No matter what save you buy from the list or from anywhere else. The thing matters is what the safe provides you with.

I must say this type of safe is for a specific group of people who only want to protect their handgun from children and want to have the portability to travel with it. So here are some factors to consider:


Handgun safes should be very small in size as well as lightweight. You don’t need a gigantic safe just to keep just one pistol.
The safes can also be used as vehicle gun storages. That means this kind of safes are compact safes.


These storage boxes are very small to store more than one pistol with one or two spare mags. This is the perfect size for most people. In some cases, people can’t store a 1911 sized gun inside a safe. I think you should avoid this type of safes. To make sure if your gun fits in the safe you want to buy, ask the seller on Amazon before buying. That will save your money from wasting into a small-sized safe.


These safes should provide you with minimal security to protect from children. These safes are also ideal for traveling. If a burglar attack occurs, it is not impossible for them to break into a small safe. However, they will have a hard time with it.

If your plan is to keep the safe in your house all the time, then you might buy safes with pre-drilled holes to attach somewhere. If you buy for travel purposes then you might want something much lightweight, simple and easy access safe


Handgun safes must be enough durable to keep the inside items intact. A great thickness to the steel, pry resistance, tamper-proofing and inside foam paddings are some of the most important things that make a safe durable.

Locking Mechanism

Most of the safes of this category have Keylock, combination lock, and electric locking mechanism. In this department, the locking should not be complex and overkill. I think key lock and combination lock both are the perfect systems for a compact safe. Nothing fancy is necessary there.

Although quick access by fingerprint would be a wonderful thing, that would just ruin the purpose of a compact safe with cheap price. Let’s talk about more on the “Cost” section below:


The average price should not be that cheap and not be also very expensive. A ton of features and bigger sizes and heavy-weight are unnecessary for pistol safes.

Pistol safes must be compacts and should not be overwhelmed with features. Let’s say you might find a great handgun safe for you under 300.


To wrap up the handgun safe review, I can say that these 5 safes are the best in the market right now. All of them are for very similar kinds of needs. You can buy any of those products mentioned in this review. Check the prices and find which is suitable for you and if you have any questions regarding these safes or any other gun safe related queries, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

, I can say that these 5 safes are the best in the market right now. All of them are for very similar kinds of needs. You can buy any of those products mentioned in this review. Check the prices and find which is suitable for you and if you have any questions regarding these safes or any other gun safe related queries, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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