Biometric Identification System and its Advantages:

 Advantages of a Biometric Identification

Introduction: The progress of security is slowly moving towards biometrics. In a couple of years, biometric identification is going to be the new standard everywhere. Already it’s used frequently in our everyday actions like, in phones, cars, and schools. Think of it this way, it’s like future-proofing your investment. As it is a gun safe reviewing site, I am just going to cover the facts on this specific sector. If you’re confused and unsure about if you should buy a safe with a biometric lock, then let’s take a look at some of the advantages biometric authentication provides, then maybe you’ll be more confident with your decision.


These types of gun safes use fingerprints and as you’ll all probably know, fingerprints are unique to every individual, as opposed to pins which can be stolen or can be easily worked around by professionals nowadays. Since your fingerprint is one of a kind unless someone steals your finger there’s no easy way in the safe. I know you’re already thinking that fingerprints can be forged, but it isn’t as easy as in the movies. Even with forged fingerprints, the safe has a high likelihood of staying shut. There is a chance it’ll open, but it’s still way safer than keys and pins. You also don’t have to worry about getting locked out of your own safety, your fingerprint doesn’t change.

Ease of Use

The system is easy to set up and gets running, using it is even easier. Keys can be lost and misplaced, unlike your thumb. Pins and Passwords can be forgotten, especially if you like all your passwords to be different and or complicated. On rare occasions, passwords can even be guessed. With this you don’t need to remember anything, it’s just one touch and voila, it’s open. If you need to get to your gun quick, you can’t waste your time pressing buttons. These types of safes are the quickest around and probably your best bet. For instance, you can read Vaultek VT20i review. It’s without a doubt more convenient than traditional locks.


Depending on a safe and its quality, it can store up to 20 or more fingerprints. So, the people you want to have access to the safe can unlock easily. Programming the safe to add new fingerprints is simple, yet hard enough so that children will not be able to access it, the last thing you need is kids playing with your firearms. Yes, very determined thieves have a chance to break through, but the chances of that are really slim. Especially since this type of safes are new and people haven’t figured out easy ways to break in.

Final thoughts

No doubt biometric safes are one step ahead of all other safes. Some gun safe comes with both fingerprint and pin lock for doubling the security. But that doesn’t mean the other safes without fingerprint scanner are not safe. They work great as well. If you want the best, this is it. It does have its slight downsides, it needs power to run. And the power comes from batteries which need to be charged to work. Also, buying new batteries will work too but it will cost more than other simpler safes. If that doesn’t bother you, it’s worth the money. Biometric safes functionality will improve in the future as time goes on. You might want to wait a bit. Or you may think it’s too overkill and unnecessary, then this sort of safes just isn’t your type. But if you want a fast, reliable, all around fancy safe, look at all the advantages of the biometric security system and then decide yourself. If you want to know where this idea came from, you can read the article on Wikipedia about History of biometrics and much other useful information about it.

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