Stack-On PDS-1500 Review: Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock.

Stack-On PDS-1500 review

First off, tell me what makes you more anxious! Security of your important documents, ammo, keys, guns, passport, visa or etc.? If your answer is affirmative, you’re in the right place to hit the road. Because solid and tough steel bar is used as the raw material for the PDS-1500 electronic lock. Apart from the built-in quality, the product got a flamboyant but decent blackish outer coating. If you are a fan of premium finishing, then you got me!

This safe is assumed to be one of the best locks present in the market for some of its mind-blowing features.

Now, what are we waiting for? Let’s have a deeper look at our Stack-On PDS-1500 Review below.

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-This safe is fully made of solid steel and gives you the utmost security. Because of having a spacious dimension, it helps you to store any types of necessary documents, conventional guns, ammo, medicine, cash, gold, you name it.

-This safe is not that heavy. Now, you may think that anyone can steal it in your absence because of its lightweight! But my answer is- “NO”

– Manufacturers give you great relief by installing pre-drilled holes. You will also receive a pack of bolts. You might use these bolts to mount the safe to the ceiling, drawer, shelf or anywhere suitable you want to hide your safe.

-This safe got approval from California DOJ for firearm safety which pushes it to the next level of security and safety issues. It fulfills all essential criteria of the Penal Code section 23655 regulations.

-The inside portion of the safe has a foam padding which makes it softer and gives a room for storing your goods with great care. It’ll also be useful for your products to keep protected from scratches

– The capacity of the safe is 1-2 handguns or pistols. If you want to keep long guns than you can check out this security cabinet from the same company, Stack on.

– You can unlock the safe by using the override keys or you can go digital by using the black colored electronic keypad on top of the safe.

-You may use three to eight-digit code to close the door of the safe.

-If anyone mistakenly presses the wrong code three times successively, the safe will be locked for at least 20- second.

– This stack-on safe is much more user-friendly. You will get clear user instruction with every purchase. Just so you know, it’s easy to follow.

-You can reset the code by yourself with ease. Punch your code, then hit the check button. After hearing the beep twice, you will be sure that you have put the code successfully.

-You can use the mute button if you want to operate silently. The reset button is placed under the door.

– Each safe is occupied with two packs of silica gel which makes the interior space moisture free.

-This safe is equipped with 4 AA batteries which work as the powerhouse of this safe.

– This safe cannot be opened by any paper clip which we saw in its previous model (that means PDS-500).

Stack-On PDS-1500 review




  • The price of this electronic lock is relatively lower compared with another model with similar features.
  • You will receive a spare key in case you are unable to remember the combination code.
  • The whole safe is constructed of solid steel and it gives you the utmost security. It will provide you great longevity.
  • It’s handy and portable. You can put it in your drawer easily. Because of its lightweight, you can carry this away with you while traveling to any place.
  • It comes with a warranty period. So, in case you face any problem, you will get the after sales service easily.




  • The keypad and the front cover is made of plastic which might get worn out over time. It’s not that big deal if you just remember the pattern of the keypad. As a result, even though this problem arises, you can insert the code easily.

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 Why should you buy it or not?

If you are looking for a cost-effective but greater safety, this PDS-1500 electronic lock might be the best option for you.

With a luxurious design and comparatively lighter in weight, this product has already gained much popularity among the user.

Based on the present market situation, it’s worth buying. I think the price tag is within your reach. If you want to compare this product with some other similar type gun safes, you can read this Best portable Gun Safe article.


I hope, before buying the safe you will think about the features I have just mentioned in the Stack-On PDS-1500 Review. Ammunition will be kept safe from kids. Moreover, using only a few bucks you are getting a smart safe.

It comes with two layered strong security. This safe has armored with all of the security perimeters to give you utmost relief which any guy deserves from a safe.

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