Are Gun Safes Fireproof?

Are gun safes fireproof

Description: Can your gun safe protect your valuables in case of a fire? We break down the facts about the gun safes being fire resistant.

Just how safe is your firearm in a gun safe? Sure it’s locked up but what if there’s a fire? Will the safe keep your gun and whatever valuables you put there safe? The short answer is not all gun safes are fireproof, and even those that are have varying degrees of proofing.

Fire Ratings: Maximum Temperature and Duration

1/2 Hour Rated Gun Safes 1550 degrees F
1 Hour Rated Gun Safes 1700 degrees F
2 Hour Rated Gun Safes 1850 degrees F
3 Hour Rated Gun Safes 1920 degrees F
4 Hour Rated Gun Safes 2000 degrees F

Fire Classifications and Ratings

Gun safe fire ratings focus on 3 parts, the maximum interior temperature, length of time and maximum exterior temperature. A well-designed gun safe has the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval, meaning it’s been tested for impact, explosions, and other hazards.

If you’re going to store electronics in the gun safe, make sure it’s been tested for humidity as that could cause serious damage.

What is the Ideal Temperature Protection Rating?

The higher the protection rating the better, but most experts agree that 350 degrees F is suitable for guns and other valuables. For electronics and other components, the ideal setting is 85% humidity and 150 degrees F or 80% humidity and 125 degrees F. Check also the recommended settings for your electronics.

The UL labels have a class and number on the label, and that indicates the highest temperature the gun safe reached during the test. If the interior temperature doesn’t reach more than 350 F then most valuables will be safe. Since paper chars at 450 F, the 350 F is sufficient.

If you’re going to store microfilm, microfiche, cartridges and other sensitive media, a maximum of 85% humidity is ideal and at 150 degrees F. The limit is even lower for computer discs with a humidity of 80% and 125 degrees F.

The time noted in UL labels indicates how long the gun safe was fire tested to deal with extreme heat while sustaining its maximum temperature. In some cases, this also applies to humidity.

The time label also tells you how hot the exterior walls of the gun safe got to be during the testing. With top manufacturers, the gun safe is usually put in a furnace as the temperature is increased.

Tips for Buying Fireproof Gun Safes

The first thing that you should do is check the product description. Make certain that it is fireproof and that it has UL labels on it. Next, look up the maximum temperature, fire rating, and the other particulars stated above. You may also want to check it out for efficiency against explosions and impact. You can check out the Steelwater gun safe review which is one of the best fireproof gun safes on Amazon.

Final Words

Having a gun safe is necessary if you own a gun, but it is not enough to just buy any model you see out there. You have to take into account the durability and resiliency of the gun box against fire. By knowing the facts and figures you won’t have a problem with fire.

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